Ugly moves towards magnificently

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Ugly moves towards magnificently

Post by xiaochen on Thu Jul 29, 2010 9:20 pm nets on July 25,Australian UGG Boots successfully found an idol of fashion's most important popular from node to direct the spread of loyal fans and to appoint the general public to follow and reinterpreted.
A few years ago, a UGG called Discount UGG Boots fashion suddenly. This has been critical of the character mode is strong ugly in thehistory of the shoe, no full-scale advertising and marketing support strong, but the manufacturing world in recent years, the overwhelming popular unrest. These two years, "UGG" commotion wind also came to China.
"UGG" is intended to UglyBoots shoes (ugly),Cheap UGG Boots like hairy feet after the sheep, the seam thickness simple stupid ugly, but very warm light. company Deckers in UGGAustralia brand purchased by exquisite materials (must be a wool skin against theAustralia) and feel comfortable walking, "UGG" can break the barriers of the professional market are more consumers.
The traditional way of promoting UGG obviously does not work, it looks ugly and stupid difficult tie-in footwear fashion scene, the words for the leaders ofFayan opinion. Thus, Deckers turn to persuade the Classic Tall Ugg Boots another star. They trybe a pair of UGG a donation to the beach for the guards were paparazzi madness of theActress Pamela Anderson, after the fact and prudent to set a pair of UGG boots,daughter ofAnderson. UGG feeling comfortable first leg to make little feet Anderson, a girl, Anderson tie-in of parents wear UGG.
In a pop up after the curious, sensitive Deckers decided to start those who have been systematically paparazzi theThe most common exposure UGG "gift" stars. In 2000, the "show queen Oprah Winfrey Deckers UGG snow boots like many others, then bought 350 double gave all employees, and the favorite of the programOprah unit was presented to the public the shoes. So, people increasingly noticed this appearance is the odd celebrity caressing admiration boots and Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio, family, even Steven Spielberg, is often dressed "UGG" appeared in public, and they took pictures of the street frequently in fashion magazines, "Set affect the tide popular outfit of the day. "UGG "finally left the fashion boom could claim.It's writeen by shen206 on 07.30.

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