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SHOW the UGG fashion

Post by xiaochen on Tue Aug 03, 2010 10:10 pm

Australian UGG Boots is now also the world's hottest UGG boots snow. The one of Sand, chestnut, chocolate has been hot.
Discount UGG Boots came in the first TOP1, sand-colored Ranking reasons: brown in color and had sand all major brands of snow boots are sold in the comparable, but because of the color in the hall, I likes in the snow wearing boot image is too deeply rooted among the sand Taobao so popular, or slightly higher, snow boots color that is impose entry level.
Cheap UGG Boots came in second Position, brown as the sand is not easy to get dirty to some, but refused the position with the plush interior, they should not have a flavor. UGG boots snow this year in the classic Bordeaux, plus a number of plush and very warm. In addition, the chestnut is also home snow boots shoes Taobao home sales on the title. And lose their luster, good game, select it in the opponents are the reasons.
Classic Tall Ugg Boots came in third Position, pink girls often buy the first pair of choosing the type of beautiful snow boots. They dress up sweet. UGG purple this year also launched a number series, the color is very rare and eye-catching, highly recommended, not many overseas goods Shopping Service, admired the beauty of a quick start with.
UGG snow boots came in fourth Position, in fact, sales of black and brown are comparable, and do not think so, too hot dark lines. Wear brown snow boots in another, and most lose their shine, many beautiful women rain boots directly to the employee. It's writeen by shen206 on 08.04.

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