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Cheap AIR Jordan VIII

Post by xiaochen on Fri Aug 20, 2010 10:05 pm

buy jordan shoes, Nike launched in February 1993 for the Jordan 8 at this time reflects the emphasis on the design of technology.
air jordan shoes 8 on the form on behalf ofa major breakthrough has been made, the most important is the face of the shoe glue to reinforce cross the stability of the shoe.
Absorbing the course ofimplementing ideas cheap coach bags sole design, a lot of rubber material cut to reduce the weight of the shoe, the tongue with a towel material plus signs trapeze. Followed by the middle of the face and soles of abstract patterns.
Jordan added eight for the generation of artistic value to Coach handbags.
Jordan has won three consecutive championships in the years since, suddenly announced his retirement, and many fans believe that Jordan will never return to the track, he believes that jordan 23 is Jordan, 8 on behalf of the track of wear on the most.
After one, so that the 8 generation, but also created a record of 93 years of Nike sales cheap jordan shoes. Jordan 8 generation was the first time since Michael Jordan retired before the launch, in the Jordan family has a special meaning. It's writeen by shen206 on 08.21.

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