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RPing Rules and Explanation

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RPing Rules and Explanation Empty RPing Rules and Explanation

Post by Pheonix Sun Jul 29, 2007 8:20 pm

Welcome to the world of RolePlaying (RPing)! RPing is sort of like storytelling with lots of people, however each person tells about only one or two characters. If you want to start your own RP, please PM me and I will set everything up (i.e. make a sub forum, start signups, etc.)

Some RPing Rules:

1. Same rules as rest of site (including sexual references)
2. No Bunnying (Taking control of another user's character)
3. No God Modding (If there is a fight, you can't be cheap i.e. "Fred poked Joe. Joe dies".) 4. Always describe your character's action in detail (instead of "Bob kicked Fred", use "Bob did a backflip, bounced off the wall, and did a flying kick at Fred")
5. When characters are in a fight, your actions are always counterable. Ex. "Joe punched at Bob." Then Bob as a chance to counter. "Joe ducked under the punch and swung a kick at Bob's legs."

That's pretty much it. If you want to create an RP, please PM me.

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