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Watchman Artist Says Watchman Game Is "Canon"

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Watchman Artist Says Watchman Game Is "Canon" Empty Watchman Artist Says Watchman Game Is "Canon"

Post by Guest Wed Jan 14, 2009 11:25 am


Watchman Artist Says Watchman Game Is "Completely Canon"

Watchmen: The End is Nigh is a video game tie-in for the movie version of the Watchman graphic novel. No, don't leave yet! Keep reading.

The beat-'em-up-meets-puzzle-game will be released in an episodic format to coincide with the upcoming film. While Watchman writer Alan Moore is off being bonkers and not involved with the game, Watchman artist Dave Gibbons is acting as advisor. That's a good sign!

Another good sign? The game is being written by the book's editor Len Wein, and what's more, it's completely in the Watchman cannon. Gibbons explains:

Alan and I have always resisted doing any sort of back-story to the Watchmen graphic novel at various times it's been suggested that we could do the Comedian's Vietnam War Diaries or Rorshach's journal, which we thought would be a bit dopey. But the precedent is, at the time the original comics came out, Mayfair games did a role-playing game that Alan helped write bits of, and it's completely canon, so this game uses a lot of that less-well known material.

Gibbons does admit that he doesn't know much about the game as he focused more on the artwork and the cutscenes, trying to retain the look and the feel of Watchman.

(From Kotaku)



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