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Text FengChan land sixth chapter

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Text FengChan land sixth chapter  Empty Text FengChan land sixth chapter

Post by kun21 Tue May 17, 2011 10:14 pm

KuJi and dark space, nine coexists with huge dragon corpse horizontal Chen, bronze giant coffins of primitive simplicity and atmosphere, be like with the universe with save only abolish. Office key Over the past several days, still unable to decipher the bronze design to pass a mysterious signal, always no sure way to its "salvage", to the ground.
"Move!""Off track, are sinking!" It was at this moment, the international space station several space within the elite, pupil abruptly contraction, Kowloon pull coffins, away from orbit, is slowly settlement. Mount tai, muddy, ever-roaring gargantuan sink, be's five mountains, the so-called days hill.
Since the ancient times Tarzan is divine symbol of GuZhongYuan area, located in the eastern part, be Yellow River and in the days surrounding yavin river, be regarded as the sun. All the land development primary In the history of the mountain great mughal, the ancient in!
Mount tai, with heavy magnificent grand historical precipitation, dates back to ancient times, is five sovereigns memorial rituals of nearly deity granulite.
"Days, YuTaiShan not reachable set FengChan and offering, ji." nearly gods also
* qin shi huang swept the emperor, arguably, ever held in mount taishan KuangShi FengChan ceremony.
And before this, in ancient time earlier in mount taishan FengChan have seventy-two emperor.
The pre-qin ancient FengChan article. The tube "has recorded:" yesterday's FengChan without conceived, mount tai chan fuxi sealing Tarzan, time, time; shennong sealing meditation time; yellow emperor, mount tai chan, mount tai chan seal time; yao sealing Tarzan, zen: greetings; yu sealing Tarzan..."
In ancient time,it is writed by 443479661 on 5.18 many holy huang and ancient emperor is no exception, FengChan, make the choice in the heavy fog, taishan enveloped the lottery issued endless mysterious breath.The spring and autumn period, KongSheng had intercourse, seeking FengChan YuTaiShan get the remains of ancient presents, but empty leave regret, not gains when, disciple cross-examine is difficult to answer.
Men have some found after. Ms office key Twenty years, MaHongKui republic led troops under general YuTaiShan found a WuSeTu altar, inadvertently, has two sets of jade volume, with "stone of filming rope" seal, hidden in the ground. The pre-qin in ancient time, everyone is in this ancient imperial why FengChan, still a mystery, may never opened.
YeFan all overnight in a hotel, and the next day begin to climb mount tai.
A group of people, cheap office a lot of people are among the first to reach mount tai, only visit here, just can feel it is grand and magnificent. Mountain three layers TaiJieShi geological structure, steps, like ascend heaven sits, perfect open, a mountain TianLu seemingly 10 kilometers, lead to huge AD between landslides, extended to summit. Whether that recalled or close, can feel the atmosphere, let a person kind hearts majestic surging.
In grand Tarzan in front, let a person have a strange illusion, itself, even if worm micro disregarding the stars in heaven is also appear insignificant.
This is a shocking feeling, make the person mind to tremor.
All about ancient FengChan when guide, it is to let person of infinite, human beings are always far unknown and mysterious full of yearning.
LiXiaoMan and cade to walk side by side, unceasingly to translate and explain, let this name with more surprises to young americans taishan, constantly cross-examine.
LiuYunZhi ponder looked at YeFan, took a look ahead, just two of his obvious state seems to be directly YeFan ignored, no said, which makes him very disappointed.
Actually, YeFan's never noticed him, nature very calm.
YeFan has put in huangdi neijing read, thought of ancient saint king are in this FengChan, he suddenly had a fantastic lenovo, don't really exist a period of ancient civilization vanishing? If so, that period Tarzan is undoubtedly a holy place. But he immediately shook his head, feel in recent days too boring, just had such ridiculous lenovo. Mount tai, another example lush, solemn majestic waterfall stream in witty, plus there featherweight clouds, natural and smooth added a few minutes of mystery and esoteric.
Suddenly, 2010 Microsoft office product key the sky and then several black spots between increases gradually, but the ring from the hoop. Nine colossus sky, like nine black river falls down, at this moment in mount tai all were surprised expression solidification facing, startled.
That is actually a huge dragon nine corpses, took a bronze ancient coffins, toward the taishan mountain peaks pressure falls.
Dragon, the legendary exists, and god write override in the laws of nature, above. But now, the development of science, and who would believe dragon really exist?
The mountains under the visitors stunned, held his breath, even forgot Shouting. Brief silence, then erupted in mount tai, everybody panic fled toward all directions, rushed from the neighboring PangDaLong, dead. This is a pair of shocking picture, in a variety of color in the sunset, Kowloon, pull coffin fell to mount tai!
Fear, helplessness cries, exclaimed in all to escape. Kowloon pull coffins, not how saint, but when it crashed landed, or heavy shook the top of mt.tai. "Bang" Nine monster like mountains sinks down nine word YuHuangDing earthquakes, will split the generals fissure, earth-rock splash and dust diffuse. The bronze ancient coffins also "KuangDang" 1, fell on the top of mt.tai, mountain wave earthquake, as the earthquake happened. Many rocks, from mountain roar rang out, like an army in pentium. Many people is affected by the flesh and blood of rock collide, fuzzy and planted fall in mountain, fear into a sound cried aloud. Shaking stops, mountain soon calmed, but chaos in mount tai, many people are already in TaoSan fall, this is a very messy, many people head downhill, rushed in dismay. Nine hundred meters long PangDaLong corpse, big half body the top of the heap, quietly in cliff hanging from less body, like black steel wall, full of shocking force feeling, extremely impact men's vision. Mount tai is YuHuangDing cracking, the ground is a seismic dreadful big fissure. The mouth 20 meters long bronze relative since 1994, there is some primitive simplicity of ancient pattern, fuzzy filled the years vicissitudes of life, there is a strong, the mysterious breath in circulation.

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