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Post by kun21 Thu Aug 11, 2011 5:16 am

Adidas water grip Deep underground, the world is not entirely is dark. Party cold on the underground the deep, the land and on the ground, we are nothing out of the ordinary, everywhere is fertile soil, and many of the streams, tall plant. These huge plants, many is a mushroom. Some mushrooms like giant umbrella, above the stars of dots, out of the soft light to deep underground, the world came to trace of light.
Nike gladiator sandals "These mushroom called luminous, in underground of pleurotus everywhere, you grow to the border of the extraordinarily brave practice, and with this silk is bright, should be able to have the ability of night vision. This underground world of uniting the is the good place, in the dark,
Nike gladiator sandals the hidden danger of endless, many monster beast will be the killing you at any time. But this can be very good hone the human spirit, will open potential, every moment in danger, is the practice of the best practice. As far as I know, we provided door half of the disciples, and aims at shakotan coast who didn't arrive before all is in the ground, uniting the."
Buy shoes supra Go FangQing snow on the ground without touching the ground. "Underground have rich mineral deposits, WanNianHan iron, MoJing, purple silver, gold, BaiYaoGang, to SPAR, stone, 7 tidal jade......... and so on the ground rare day material to treasure, these are refined fly sword, must material, skulls and even can assist training, enhance the person's spirit. The underground monster beast, seeing some monster beast of blood, is the best material refining Dan medicine,
Supra skytop iii even you used alone, you read one corner of the world, there are some underground situation, and I also need not say more, you now to my front, I open for.". "Good, the teacher elder sister." Party a cold body, shem, channeling a residual shadow, to FangQing snow, silently walk before. FangQing snow saw party cold, agile, action, however, composed mood washs practice can't help wei2 nod, the eyes are fixed on him, and seemed to see what clue to the general.
Supra shoes In fact, FangQing snow let party cold came to the ground, is also want to personally the slave why will grow so fast. Now let party for her cold is sure to open a new road, see real clue. "10 million cannot use the stars of the powers door, otherwise you will know that I have BaiHai meditation on what will come as a XuXuShiShi......."
Buy supra shoes Party cold side, the side of trying to walk, how to conceal their means, so that life and death, in the * * out their own kung fu. After all, he practice is the most familiar fighting skill, or the stars of "seven feet" door "kuixing play measures" this two strokes. Walking into the deep darkness gradually, on the ground the mushroom community is more and more, occasionally there centipede, scorpions kind of poisonous insect, but because the party of cold preventing the function of the worm cassock, so far the escape out.
"CRRR... whoa...
Cheap supra shoes " in between the walk, a huge risk, struck the party of cold heart, ahead of the jungle, suddenly a mushroom shadow flash across, blood gas suffocation is atrocious, in blood of shadow, dense white teeth, bite to his throat.Brush!!!!! Party cold want to also can't wait to, the sword potential, as a fishing rod down jilt, a mans sword to general blood shadows. Wow!!!!! The blood out of a bellow, was split on the ground to sword potential, vacillating two, unexpectedly is a whole body blood red light, like fur flame Wolf, especially the teeth out long fingers, such as deeply as stone, sharp can bite down there.
Supra shoes "Unexpectedly a head of the deep." Wolf blood Party cold see such situation, recognized the what is this fierce monster beast. This abyss, extremely tough body blood Wolf, could easily broken teeth hillock, eat people is even rock bones into powder swallowed chewing on. And like lightning fast, extremely of cunning, good at trial of a sneak attack, if to the ground, can bite dead one. Power player not guard against a border, will be killed. Often, a village some dynasty by a head of blood to destroy all the Wolf.
Michael jordan shoes Underground, the blood of the Wolf is very much, even people dare to devour magic underground. But the Wolf fur, blood in the outside value daughter, many dignitaries, all with wearing a fur coat for the glory of the blood. And the top of the head of the Wolf blood, a bigger parietal, called blood crystal, the colors are bright and contains extremely powerful essence, ordinary people wear, can treat weakened after the disease,
Christian louboutin men cover the shortage of blood, and is refining many Dan medicine, the spirit of the skulls, best materials. Party want to also don't want to hand, the method of the sword, pick a pick to the blood of the left parietal lobe on the thumb size, a crystal skull pick out blood and landed on the hand, feel a burst of and jade, jade seems to warm.
"Immortals? To catch shark which of kung fu?"
Air jordan shoes FangQing snow slightly one leng, saw the party cold struck the first blood, a clean, Wolf, it is no use to the which of kung fu. went into the door, and after many door of the play every day, hone martial, this recruit is a teacher and I dynasty, he cast against the prince treasure out, were later I went back to consider carefully, steal learned one of the force, hope the teacher elder sister comments. Skills"
Radii shoes Cold hurriedly way. Party "Well, this recruit some alike in spirit, but still have incomplete place, immortal, fishing sharks, which a recruit more deep mystery, not on the surface so simple of......" FangQing advice way. Snow Party cold listen, think FangQing snow for martial understanding, it is very deep, BaiHai deeper than meditation don't know where to go. Each listen to a, have the feeling of....
Supra shoes "No wonder said three years as teacher, hard thing. Savings on a path forward, hissing...... A path forward. Suddenly, a number of colourful poisonous snakes from the grass there on, bite of to party, these snakes actually not afraid cold cold cassock the smell of the party, visible to what state has poisonous. "Long continuous" hate!!!!! Party and swing a sword cold, sword, put a number of potential secretive viper's head to cut down, and... In the ground at death.
Adidas water grip "The long hate fingering? You this is learning which door of the disciple of?" FangQing snow asked. "Or the treasure of the prince, the first day I against him, and then I lost the princess, and red satisfying hard against him again, and he cast out the recruit." Party cold explained: "don't know I this recruit, the model a few into?" "The long hate the Pope of kung fu, want to have a monstrous hate to display it, and hate the deep, the deeper martial, you don't want to practice more down, it is easy to world negative emotions, run amok."

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